The East Denver Eruv

The East Denver Eruv is quite large, roughly spanning an 11-mile area. It's also shaped in a way making it difficult to describe in words! Since a picture is worth a thousand words, you may prefer to see the entire area using the interactive map below. To print out a copy of the map, click here

Click the icon below and you will see an expanded list with the breakdown of the checking sections that have been established (the A-B-C, etc. sections will then make sense).


West side eruv

There is an eruv on the west side of Denver, and you can contact Zera Abraham for more information, but the image below details the eruv.

Greenwood village eruv



There is an eruv in southeast Denver (Greenwood Village), and you can contact Aish Denver to find out more.


There is an eruv in the works for Aurora/East Denver, and you can contact Ohr Avner Community Center of Colorado to find out more.