The Eruv is Up: Parashat Re'eh (08/18/17)

Shabbat shalom! Thanks to our crop of volunteer checkers, the eruv is up for Parashat Re'eh

If you rely on the eruv, please consider taking a few minutes from your busy schedule to help keep the eruv up. For a quick, experiential training, email or call 720-666-1577.

The eruv is sponsored this week by Karen and Craig Schottenstein. Tzetchem l'shalom to Miriam as she returns home to Yerushalayim to begin her year as a bat sherut, and in memory of Craig's father on his 34th yarzheit.

The Eruv is Up: Parashat Devarim (07/29/17)

The Eruv is Up: Parashat Devarim (07/29/17)

Thank you to everyone who checked the eruv this week! We are happy to say the eruv is up for Parashat Devarim. Shabbat Shalom!

This eruv status announcement is sponsored by Barbara and Jack Greenwald in honor of those who conducted the leviah for their beloved daughter, Debbie Greenwald, as well as to all of those who attended the service, the minyanim, those who prepared meals for the bereaved, those who gave donations, and those who made shivah calls.