Visiting Denver? Here are some helpful resources.

Below you will find information about where to stay, where to eat, where to daven, where to dunk (mikvah), and more. Questions? Please email

where to stay


If you're planning a visit to Denver and would like to stay in a hotel, these hotels are within the bounds of the East Denver Eruv:

Where to eat

The following restaurants and eateries can be found on Denver's east side and are under the Va'ad haKashrus of Denver:

  • East Side Kosher Deli: A full service deli, restaurant, butcher, and more.

    • 499 S. Elm St. (@ Virginia Ave.)

    • (303) 322-9862


  • Brooklyn Pizza: A classic pizza shop with gluten free and vegan options.

    • 890 S Monaco Pkwy #7 (@ Leetsdale)

    • 302-355-5777

  • High Point Creamery: An elevated, small-batch ice cream parlor with many kosher options.

    • 15 S Holly St (@ Cedar)

    • 720-420-9137

  • Rosenberg's Kosher: New York-style water bagels, schmears, and more (only open on Friday mornings).

    • 942 S. Monaco Pkwy. (@ Kentucky Ave.)

    • 303-388-2648

  • Bonnie Brae Ice Cream: An old-fashioned creamery with many kosher ice cream options.

    • 799 S University Blvd (@ Ohio)

    • (303) 777-0808

  • Krispy Kreme: Krispy Kreme is now Kosher in three stores in Colorado. The locations are in Downtown Denver, Thornton, & Lone Tree. For more information, contact our local vaad.

Where to daven

These are the synagogues* within the bounds of the East Denver Eruv:

Note: Affiliations based on information on individual synagogue websites.


The Mikvah of East Denver (MOED) is located at 295 S. Locust Street, but the mikvah is currently closed for reconstruction (11/2016). Please call 303-320-MOED (6633) for information on options for the East Side. 

There are three other mikvaot in the Denver area: