Welcome to the East Denver Eruv website. We're dedicated to keeping you informed on the status of the eruv and providing useful resources for the Denver Jewish community.

The eruv is under the local rabbinic supervision of Rabbi Joseph Friedman and the executive director is Aaron Toys. It was built under the guidance and halachic support of Rabbi Shimon Eider z"l.

An Eruv for the 21st Century

In 2016, under the leadership of then-Executive Director Tuvia Gordon-Bennett, the way the eruv is checked and fixed was completely changed, saving the committee an immense amount of money and empowering community members to own this vital piece of infrastructure. The eruv is now checked in small sections, allowing for greater community involvement and ease of checking. Additionally, the eruv launched this brand new website and has been using Facebook to successfully update the Denver community on eruv fixes and its status. 

See that the Lord has given you the Sabbath. Therefore, on the sixth day, He gives you bread for two days. Let each man remain in his place; let no man leave his place on the seventh day.
— Sefer Shemot 16:29